Admission into Deril Academy is keenly competed for every year by students all over the world. As keenly competed for as the exam is, it follows a very easy and stress free method of application that would not be difficult for any person to comply with. The admission procedures are listed below. make sure that every applicable information on the Admission form is supplied

  • Read the admission prospectus to know if Deril Academy admits students to the the class that you wish to be considered for.
  • Applicants close to the school can obtain hard copy of the application form at the school premises alongside an application fee of 2000* naira for entrance into Deril Academy secondary (Ensure that the slip is detached for you when you submit the form. The slip is what you will bring on the Entrance Examination day )
  • Transfer students should make sure that their previous results (stamped Photocopy ) are attached alongside the application form.

If you experience difficulties with your application, please contact us