A strong educational service institution
with effective presence in Nigeria and Africa and
indeed in all the key educational centers of the world.

To build independent future leader on an
international scale focused on achieving academic
and moral excellence independently.

Who We Are

Deril Academy started in the year 2000 first as a continual education center before she fledged into a high school two years latter(2002) since the year of establishment, Deril Academy has been making waves in the Educational sector of not only Nigeria or Africa but all over the world.

Deril Academy is a leading metropolitan secondary school with a student body of over 700 students. Students of Deril Academy are Groomed to become the future builders that will all help reshape not only Nigeria, but the whole world into a very much better place.

With different academic programmes distributed across Many departments and one school, admission into Deril Academy is keenly competed for every year with only students with high scores in the school’s entrance examination.

Deril Academy is a prominent school in the country (Nigeria) ,this makes students all over the country longing to come to build their future at Deril Academy (the future builder). We have virtually all what is needed to ensure that our students are well informed. Our vision and mission explains it all.

Our Awards